Agility Trial Journal

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The Agility Trial Journal may be run on the various Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

The Agility Trial Journal may only be run on MAC OS/X environments using virtual machine software running Windows.

Evaluation Availability

The Agility Trial Journal available as an evaluation copy is a fully functional version of the current software release. Its use is limited to a 30 day period starting from the day the Agility Trial Journal software is opened. There are no extensions on the 30 evaluation period; when 30 days have passed, the evaluation period terminates and the software becomes inoperable.

If you purchase the Agility Trial Journal any time during or after the 30 day trial period, any information you entered may be retained by entering the Product Key from your purchased copy in the evaluation version. This will re-activate your database, and convert your evaluation copy into a fully licensed version. You do not need to re-install the purchased version unless you wish to start over in setting up your agility data.

You are subject to the same terms of acceptance as the fully licensed version of the Agility Trial Journal. Please read the complete End User License Agreement presented during the installation.

Flat Creek Studios does not sell, trade, or disclose client data. Flat Creek Studios only uses client information to announce new releases or feature availability.