Agility Trial Journal

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February 19, 2016:
ATJ 2.11.2 released! Go to the Downloads page to access the Licensed Files area.

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Key Features:

  • Manage multiple dogs in multiple venues
  • Track Course, Championship, Versatility, and Tournament title progress
  • Automatic calculation of Q-Rates, YPS, Double-Q's, MACH and Masters points
  • Analyze and Compare performance varying the period, judge, and trial location
  • Set reminders for important dates
  • Record Trial Information, Results, Placements, and Performance notes
  • Print Progress Reports, Trial Summaries, and Entry Forms
  • Link scanned course maps and other images
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use notebook style windows

Earning titles is difficult.

Keeping track of them doesn't have to be!

Overview Page

The Opportunity

The Agility Trial Journal was created in response to a need for better record-keeping and progress tracking.

Record-keeping has traditionally been limited to physical documents. Competition results may be recorded on anything from scraps of paper to more formalized journals or spreadsheets in an effort to keep a permanent, cumulative record of agility legs and titles earned. Progress tracking requires the competitor to review pages of entries, and manually count the number of qualifying scores and points in an effort to determine where they are with respect to that next title. That effort is laborious and error prone.

The Solution

The Agility Trial Journal is a comprehensive software solution for tracking and reporting competition progress, helping focus training efforts. Using a familiar notebook-style, the Agility Trial Journal places trial related information at one's fingertips, and provides an intuitive way to track title progress, and to record issues and and observations that may assist in shaping and achieving training goals. That goal is achieved each and every time a competitor's progress recorded with the Agility Trial Journal matches that of the sanctioning organization.