Agility Trial Journal

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February 19, 2016:
ATJ 2.11.2 released! Go to the Downloads page to access the Licensed Files area.

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Recommended by Daisy Peel, 2007 26” AKC National Champion (Jester), and 2009 USDAA 26” Grand Prix Champion (Solar)

Recommended by Gerry Brown, 4-time World-Team member, 2003 and 2006 24” AKC National Champion, and 2005 USDAA 22” Grand Prix World Championship



  • Supported Venues include AKC, ASCA, CPE, DOCNA, NADAC, and USDAA
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. ATJ can also be run on MAC OS/X environments using virtual machine software running a supported Windows operating system.

How many times...

...have you wondered how close your dog was to the next title and ordered a report, pored over scraps of paper, ribbons, journals, or spreadsheets just to find out? Let's face it, keeping track of competition results for one dog in one venue is challenging enough sometimes, but add multiple dogs in multiple venues, and the effort to simply keep up becomes overwhelming.

The Agility Trial Journal is your answer!

Notebook Tabs

The Notebook Pages

The Agility Trial Journal uses a standard windows notebook, organizing all your agility data over several tabbed pages.

  • Need a quick review of title status? The Overview page details your current status for each dog and venue, including Q, DQ, Point, and Nationals Qualification progress.
  • Are those training classes and exercises paying off? Has your dog’s Q-Rate gone up - or down? How about YPS? Placements? The Progress Page is where results and title progress for a selected dog, venue, and source may be reviewed. A number of filtering options are available to help pinpoint the information you need.
  • The Trials page defines upcoming trials and deadlines - never miss an opening date again. Reminders are auto-checked daily, and shown in a popup window when a trigger date has been met.
  • Define the Events you plan on entering, and produce an entry form ready to sign and mail.
  • Need a way to keep track of the hotels you have stayed at, reservation discount codes, and confirmation codes? Record your Accomodation plans for each Trial.
  • The Results page provides an easy way to enter detailed competition results, including issues and placements. As you enter information about your run, the yards per second and applicable points are automatically calculated and accumulated into the applicable titles in progress.
  • The Issues page is used to record any handling issues, judging faults, or other information you wish to capture that was relevant to your performance. If you have a scanned copy of the course map for the run, you can also link the course map to the entry, making it available for review at a later time.
  • The Placements page is used to optionally record placements of you and other dogs. Other dog placements are recorded as a means to indicated how far ahead or behind their dog's performance was against others placing in that course.
  • The Dogs page defines information pertinent to your dogs and their registrations in each venue. Enter registration numbers, names, jump heights, link scanned images of jump height or registration cards, and competition divisions on the Registration page.